Please consider other trail users

I ride the area roads and trails by bike. After an advanced scientific and mathematical analysis of the amount of litter that has been discarded on the sides of area roads, I found that the litter consists mostly of beverage containers and that Busch Light is the most prolifically discarded container.

The most littered areas are:

1. Lake Antoine Loop;

2. Hydraulic Falls Road Loop;

3. Quinnesec-Lake Antoine Road;

4. Pine Mountain Road.

Litterers, please be considerate of the people who live or travel in our locale, and refrain from tossing empties out the window.

Also, horse riders at Fumee Lake — the amount of horse riding on the trails has been steadily growing — please show some consideration for the considerable number of users of the trail system. Horse riders, please work on developing your own horse path to the side of the well-worn and smooth existing walking, running and biking paths.

Thank you for your consideration.


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