Why do you put up with this stuff?

I repeatedly see ads on the television for supplements to Medicare. They are for the 20% Medicare does NOT cover. Have you given a thought to how much that might come to? Have you questioned why you need a supplement at all? You pay all your working life for Medicare and then it is only partial coverage. Why do you put up with that? I also saw a network nightly news program that showed people being taken out of various care centers and put on the street, without medicine or care, because their “benefits” ran out. How far are you from this, dear reader, if you find you have something like dementia or another issue that will require intensive care for the rest of your life?

Please do not say your family will step up and take care of you. If you have any of many totally debilitating conditions, your family will NOT be able to care for you, no matter their intentions. It is physically impossible and eventually totally mentally draining. It has nothing to do with how much they care or what they promise. You will need professional, around-the-clock care. Think about that. Why are you allowing “the system” to position you to face such a horror? Medical care is said to be the number one concern among Americans. Do you see anyone actually doing something to change things?

There is an election coming in about 11 months. Do you think you should just vote “party” again? Which party? This has been going on through several administrations of both major parties. People talk during the run-up to the election — oh yes, how they talk. But then once in office, they install an answering machine and you can leave a message with the computer. Now and then, they will “delete” those messages. To be fair not every politician does this. Some actually answer your question. But not with a real answer and surely not with action.

Why do you put up with that? Is it because you cannot be bothered to ask questions, educate yourself by finding the answers and then voting intelligently? Is it because you cannot be bothered with “hounding” those who said they can manage our state and our country’s affairs and then instead lay down on their oath?

Is it because it won’t happen to you? If that is the answer, see me for a deal on a bridge. I have a nice one between Upper and Lower Michigan for under a hundred bucks.

That is enough for now but I will be back. We have to “talk” about that minimum wage and the 275 bills the House has passed since the last election that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stuck in his desk drawer, with no action at all being taken by the Senate. The Senate — you know, those people who said they were the best managers of our country’s affairs. You actually bought into that one, didn’t you? If not, they would not be in Washington laughing at you.

Happy holidays.


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