Convenient way to cast ballot

Did you know that if you have a Michigan driver’s license or state ID card, you can now register to vote online? Did you know that any registered Michigan voter can now vote absentee? (No need to fit any criteria or have any reason.) Did you know that you can request to be placed upon a “permanent absent voter” list? It works like this: Prior to each election, each person on the list receives an application in the mail to fill out and return. He/she then receives a paper ballot, in plenty of time before the election, to fill out at one’s own kitchen table. The completed ballot can then be returned, in person or by mail, at any time prior to the close of business on election day.

That’s it. No long lines, no concern for tired and hungry kids, no worries about being late for work. Weather doesn’t matter. Been voting in this way for a few years now and it’s wonderful. The permanent absent voter list, available now at your friendly municipal office.