Disgusted by SB halftime show


What a demon-filled show that was the NFL halftime show. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this filth on TV. And to think that there were millions of children watching this filth. Last halftime show I will watch. They showcased the “all-seeing eye of the Illuminati,” demonic in nature.

Each year this gets worst. Remember, there is an outcry about this all over America. The NFL is going to lose viewers if this does not stop. This was nothing but hip grinding, pelvic thrusts, and did you notice the anger in Jennifer Lopez’s eyes, just trying to seduce the men watching this. They might as well have been naked, with the little clothing they wore, that you could see through.

Totally disgusting. What ever happened to the good bands that used to play and sing, real family entertainment?

Beyonce and Jay Z did not stand for the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, either.

Remember, this is what the liberal world is bringing to us, a little at a time. Most of the junk on TV is no better, and the late-night talk shows are the same demonic crap. What ever happened to the good ole Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon — they were a class act.