Thought on the presidential race


At this time when candidates are running for president, I am amazed that instead of telling us what they will do to help us, the candidates would rather tear each other down. I don’t care what joke or comment someone made 40 years ago. I know I have made some comments that I am not proud of, but I don’t need it dredged up during a job search.

Rather than dwell on every unfortunate comment made years ago, we need to look at how they have governed since then. Tell us your plans and how you are going to pay for them. Don’t tell us things you think we want to hear. Have real plans.

I know that employment is at an all-time low and the stock market was at an all-time high. The problem is when we dig down on those numbers, they really don’t bear fruit. Many of the jobs are part-time or low wage. This required workers to have more than one job. In this day and age, should someone have to work two or three jobs just to live? I am not talking living good, I am talking about living in an inexpensive apartment or even a single room, buying cheap food and possibly driving an old car if you are that lucky.

This is without mentioning medical or dental care or the need for eyeglasses. The record high in the stock market is only helping a select few. If you are working two or three jobs, you don’t have money to be in the stock market. So how are you going to get ahead? The candidates should be give us their plans to help with this.

Perhaps we should start with no more lies. Right now, we have a president that tells 36 falsehoods or outright lies each and every day. Imagine your job. Would you still have your job if you told falsehoods or lies daily? What if your boss knew that when they spoke to you, you were surely going to lie or misrepresent? I know I would lose my job.

Telling proven lies while you are the president should not be the norm. In recent history, can you remember any president, Republican or Democrat, who has been known for telling lies daily? The rest of the world is watching. Is this something we should be proud of?

If we lie, there are consequences that could include loss of a job, arrest or prison time. Why should someone we hired to lead the country be allowed to lie to us?

I recently asked someone who voted for the president what they thought of their vote. That person told me he was doing a great job. When I asked what exactly he had done, the person said they were not sure but that the president SAID he has been doing great things. This just isn’t right. There should be things that can be listed.

I can list some things like higher taxes for the middle class, cutting benefits for the needy and hurting veterans by cutting funding. These are just a few items that he has done to hurt the country by helping the rich.

Now we are on the verge of a pandemic disease outbreak and we find that the administration has fired the people who would have gotten ahead of this or closed the very departments which would have handled this.

This should be a wakeup call. I hope this fall we actually listen to it.


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