Appreciates what DIDHD provides

I am writing this to thank the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department for their continued support in providing help and crucial information to my family since my son’s return home from the NICU in December 2019.

We are so grateful for the services at our home in particular, as I do not drive. We are involved in Women, Infants and Children program, Maternal Infant Health Program and Early ON.

Thanks to the programs provided by the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department, I’m able to stay current on medical health and general information and education on living and maintaining a healthy living environment and lifestyle for my son.

When Malachi was born, | knew | had to make a choice in regards to getting an education so my family can stand on its own someday. My home visiting nurse took every possible measure to ensure | had the resources and tools necessary to take those steps.

She continues to support us with that endeavor to this day. In fact, it gives me certain peace of mind on daily basis to know that we have her standing behind us, and she encourages me to continue to take the steps necessary in order to reach my goal in my family’s journey.

The programs provided by the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department have changed my life.

I honestly couldn’t be more thankful to have the support of the hearts of those who are involved in my journey.


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