Need to take virus seriously

In reference to COVID-19, I see a lot of online posts making light or fun of the situation, mostly by those who are in the age or health group least affected. Yes, some of it is funny, like the run on toilet paper, but some responses have been “No big deal, I don’t believe it, I don’t care, people are acting stupid, the media is overreacting.” Posts that are dismissive of any possible threat and toward those who could be negatively affected by that threat.

Also, don’t compare it to the seasonal flu — it isn’t and it acts differently. Over hundreds of years humans have developed some immunity to influenza and we have developed antiviral treatments for the flu. We have none against COVID-19.

My husband is in his 70s, has heart issues and has had numerous bouts of pneumonia in his life. I have friends and family who are older with health issues. I have younger friends with health issues such as cancer, asthma or poor immune systems. This is a serious issue for many people. This group of people depends on not just their own diligence but on the diligence of those in our communities to help reduce infection and spread.

So instead of thinking only that “it won’t affect me,” think, “How might it affect my parents, grandparents, neighbors, etc?” Act like it could kill you, so you can take actions to reduce the chance of spreading it to those it can kill. What’s that saying? “It takes a village”

Yes, I hope it won’t get bad, but we only need to look at other countries affected to see that it can. We are not safe just because we live in the U.S. Viruses don’t care about nationality, color, religion, political affiliation or anything else. They are blind and uncaring; they do not discriminate.


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