The swamp in Washington DC

Here is a fact — there is a “swamp” in Washington D.C.! But it is made up of not just Democrats, it is made up of all of them, both political parties. I would say 98 percent are corrupt; that leaves room for a few honest ones. Everything is about “the party.” And again, that goes for both of them. It is all about power, who controls. Now, in this modern day, that is the main problem.

We have the “new” liberal-socialist Democratic Party that wants to take America where the vast majority of us Americans do not want to go. Think we want socialism? Look at what it is in Venezuela today; it was once one of the richest countries with its oil and minerals. Now with socialism, they are in ruins — starving people, riots; they are broke. I ask you, you want that for America? Not me.

As I said in another letter, socialism would be a slap in the face to all who died in World War I, WWII, Korea and other conflicts. They did not die for socialism, they died for the American dream of capitalism, they died for freedom, they died for the Constitution. The liberal socialists want to take all that away.

You had better all think hard on this before you vote. Why are the Democrats so angry with Trump? Because he was not one of the “swamp rats.” He came in to help America drain the swamp of rats, and make America great again. The liberal socialists want us to be in the European Union, give up our sovereignty, open our boarders, let the EU rule us.

Yes, the New World Order is coming, the Bible says so, but let’s not bring it in before its time.


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