The weakness of identity politics

When did the left start crying “racist”? To our credit and benefit, we have a diverse society of all different races. Each of them unique and important to God and our national heritage. Minorities are vulnerable to manipulators looking for votes … an opportunity for unscrupulous politicians who use identity politics in their attempt at a power grab. I would consider them to be the ones who are actually racist. They accuse others of being what they are.

Some say politicians are all alike, but even that is a sort of identity rub. Why, I heard one of them say just the other day that he refused to say anything bad about his competitor for the nomination and wouldn’t engage in identity politics or negative campaign tactics. Then, as if coming from another man’s mouth, he called President Trump a xenophobe, whatever that is. Well, I’m sure it must be a fancy way of saying racist. Then, lo and behold, his competitor did almost the exact same thing. And so it goes. Whenever they have no reasonable answer for their pathetic policy proposals, lies, and socialist jargon, they pull the racist card and back to the same old identity politics.

When will people wake up and smell the coffee? The left has been trying to keep their “deep state” criminal system intact and overthrow our duly elected president, while Trump has been fighting for equal justice. You are part of the solution or part of the problem. Vote.


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