In defense of Trump’s actions to combat coronavirus


This is in response to Walt Brey’s letter Monday, “Stop politicizing virus response.”

People who take cheap shots at President Trump over the coronavirus are displaying their own ignorance.

If Trump had listened to Dr. Anthony Fauci early on, he would have thought the virus was no big deal; instead, he stopped traffic to and from China within days of the first person testing positive in the USA. The left said he was a xenophobe and a racist for doing it.

Trump called the fake news media a hoax, not the virus.

Trump does not sign the checks for the relief fund, his signature is printed on them, along with all the other printing.

What holds up the money is the Democratic-controlled Congress trying to pork barrel everything and destroy our economy to hurt Trump’s re-election.

Siding with the scientists is a divisive statement. There are no sides here. We are all in this thing together. Why not unite and stand behind our leaders when they are making right decisions, regardless of politics?

Consider this — President Trump’s salary is $400,000, which is $7,692.30 per week. He sleeps about four hours per night, so he is working 20 hours a day, seven days a week. That equals 140 hours per week, for an average hourly wage of about $54.95 per hour. Then, he gives it away to charities — possibly even to people you love or care about.

Your words do exactly what you are saying is wrong.

Brian Rose

Crystal Falls


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