Need to unite for common cause

I am a concerned citizen of the state of Michigan. On the TV, they say we are at war with this virus. Our leaders say the same. So why are we not uniting in this common cause? States are left to fend for themselves — that’s how it looks to me. The governor needs to unite us in this cause. We need to start building testing facilities, manufacturing the supplies for the tests and PPE. Put some of the unemployed back to work as contact tracers and in labs. Have the governor use her emergency orders to press big companies who have gotten big tax cuts for years. Also, get more money from Canadian company-run mines to allow Line 5 to continue. I am sure she could generate the funds to start this process.

In my opinion the governor has saved lives and curbed the spread. We need to get back to work in a safe manner. We need to focus on the common goal and show some discipline, like we expect from our men and women when we send them to fight in war. Remember, they sacrificed way more than 45 days. So let’s unite and put politics and protests aside for our vets, our vulnerable and every citizen of our great state of Michigan.


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