The silver lining in this situation

I have become so dismayed by all the negative news about the coronavirus that I thought it was high time to give us a little positive reinforcement. Maybe I’m one of the few who sees this pandemic as a warning from God to “get back to basics” — live the Golden Rule and love him. We have turned our backs on him and Christian teachings our homes, schools and communities. I have said to myself on numerous occasions, “God, I don’t know why you have allowed us to live on your Earth this long!” 

Yes, this virus is devastating but if we truly believe in the goodness of our Lord, we can see through this turmoil. What I have seen is something wonderful and full of the Lord’s love.  Here are just a few examples: I have seen so many people out walking. This morning a young family passed my house. The father had his arm around his wife while his wife was holding the hand of their young daughter. True love.  This happens a lot. I’ve seen more families, couples, friends, people with dogs walking and saying “hello” than ever before. 

How about the companies that have stopped manufacturing their products and have taken up the cross by making medical equipment and supplies — Ford Motor Co., GE, My Pillow — or Americans who are sitting at home making surgical masks for our medical profession and first responders?

Our citizens are pulling together to help businesses that would otherwise go under without some type of help: drive-thru, pick-up, free delivery. We are buying gift cards to use at later dates, donating to food banks and the Salvation Army, homeschooling our children. These same children are learning something new, such as how to cook or work on a car. We, as adults, have the cleanest homes EVER!

Even the majority of our elected officials are trying to work together. Hats off to President Trump. I cannot imagine what that poor man has gone through for the last 3 1/2 years and now this virus. He is trying his best and I pray for his safety and well-being every day. He has put God back in his administration. That alone is a milestone. He and his administration should be commended, not shouted down as ineffective or incompetent.

We hold the key to this virus. Maybe not in the eyes of the medical profession but in the eyes of God.  Think about our senior neighbors or family members living alone; reach out to them. Give them a call to let them know you’re there for support or assistance if need be. It only takes a few minutes to make someone’s day. We all need to do this. 

There’s no doubt these are troubling times but if we look around, we’ll see the beauty in God’s creations. We just need to take our selfish needs and wants out of the equation. The answer to everything is God. So, as I see it, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud.

Stay home, be safe and be healthy.


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