Wear mask for others’ sake, if not for yourself

Today I was at the grocery store and could not help but notice that the majority of store patrons were not wearing masks. One couple actually said to me that I was part of a “Democratic conspiracy” pushing a scare campaign about this COVID-19 nonsense!

I am a person with a chronic illness and this virus would definitely kill me were I unfortunate enough to contact it. The lack of care displayed by people who are disregarding Centers for Disease Control guidelines in this way frightens me.

We have a small hospital that could be easily overwhelmed by an outbreak. I believe this lack of caution not only endangers themselves but all around them.

My daughter is in nursing and knows all too well how quickly a fire can spread. She has seen the heartbreak this virus can cause with her own eyes.

I am hoping that if I speak up regarding the dangers of reckless behavior and denial, it may change some minds, and perhaps that could save some lives.

If you don’t believe it’s real, if you are willing to risk your health for a belief, please at least protect your loved ones by doing all you can to prevent passing this virus along to them and risking their health.

Please, wear your masks.


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