Convinced crimes were committed

President Richard Nixon resigned before he was impeached because he covered up a plan to steal the opposing parties’ campaign plans. The scandal was named Watergate. The Democratic party, with the full knowledge of former President Barack Obama, used its surveillance tools to spy on the Trump campaign and then covered it up for three years with their Russia hoax. President Trump calls it “ObamaGate.” Obama can’t be impeached and he probably can’t be prosecuted, but he should be completely exposed and disgraced in history. Those who committed crimes — James Comey, Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe and Dana Boente — who all signed at least one of the false Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications should go to jail. Everyone within the Justice Department and the FBI, including Christopher Wray, who knew about these crimes should be fired.

Obama covered up Fast and Furious, covered up Benghazi, spied on Fox News reporters, weaponized the IRS against conservative groups and did countless other despicable things. He can now be labeled the most corrupt president in modern history.


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