Doing something about COVID-19

Here I am again and this time with some fun for you.

Picture a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent all jumping off a cliff together. Oh! They all crashed on the rocks below. Now why did that happen? Well, science is real and there is where we can find our answer. It was gravity that caused them to all hit the rocks. You see, gravity is a constant and gravity does not discriminate by political leanings, religion, color of skin and so on. It is a constant, which means it is there and short of flying off the planet you cannot do anything about it. (Hint, do not jump off a cliff and you will avoid the above.)

Currently we have a “bug,” a virus, named COVID-19 for short. It also does not discriminate by political leanings, religion, color of skin, etc. Same as gravity. It is there and it is trying to affect you.

Now, for those who do not believe science is real, go to the sports page or thecomics. You do not want to hear what I am about to reveal. Science is based on arithmetic and statistics. You collect facts and data. Those are things you can see and count. Then you do the arithmetic. And just like in fourth grade, you get an answer. Science is always collecting data and always doing the arithmetic, so what we know changes over time. In the case of this COVID-19, science has noticed that the “germ” is carried most effectively on water vapor and that is hangs in the air for a longer time than we originally thought. That water vapor comes from within us as we speak or even breathe. We see that it hangs in the air and then infects others.

We are fortunate that it is not like gravity in that we CAN do something about it. The most effective thing we have right now that everyone can do is wear a mask so you do not catch the virus and if you have it, you do not pass it along. Right now this, along with keeping surfaces clean are the best things we can do.

Now I have seen some people who do not want to wear a mask. They feel it will limit their freedom. Don’t worry, we can talk about this here. They are reading the sports or the comics right now. But if they mention the freedom thing to you, tell them they do not need to wear a mask or do anything else they don’t want to do as long as it is legal. I am wearing my mask. My family is wearing their masks. You see, I read the whole paper — editorials, news stories, the funnies and sometimes I ever read the sports. I also read the obituaries. I am wearing my mask so you keep seeing my name on this page and not on that one.

I hope I don’t see you anywhere but in the funnies.


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