LaFave on wrong side over microchip bill

State Rep. Beau “stop top-down government” LaFave is hard on Gov. Whitmer because he supports personal freedoms. He’s not for statewide efforts to curtail COVID-19’s spread like the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” approach, even though the COVID-19 has killed 5,915 Michiganders. He’s not for responsible gun safety, storing his weapons in his sock drawer and showing up with an assault rifle at the “State of the State” address.

But Beau LaFave is just fine with letting employers require employees or prospective employees be forced to have devices put in their bodies as a condition of employment. LaFave was one of the two state representatives to vote against House Bill 5672, the Microchip Protection Act.

If Beau wants to microchip his pet pooch, that’s up to him but to advocate for forced microchips in employees is dictatorial, Orwellian and, to be frank, at odds with LaFave’s philosophy of personal freedom.

Of course, if employees are merely serfs, tools, underlings and varlets, unworthy of individual dignity and liberty, it must be OK to treat them like pets and livestock.

Thanks to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, AFSCME Council 25 and the ACLU of Michigan for supporting the Microchip Protection Act.

Curiously, there were no arguments against the bill during committee testimony.

The Michigan House did the correct thing in voting for House Bill 5672. State Rep. Beau LaFave did not.


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