On racial issues, will we ever manage to learn from our past?

Will this country learn?

I ask that question because the foundations of the present violence appear to me the same as the Chicago riots, and the Los Angeles riots.

A majority white nation where all the power centers such as political legislators, civilian powers brokers, economic powers brokers, and criminal justice power brokers rest mainly with people who are absorbed by self-interest.

The second issue is the income inequality, excusive punitive policing in non-white areas, school resource and education inequity and daily emotional stress non-white communities experience at the sight of a police car.

We who were raised in white areas, be they rural or urban, cannot feel the emotional traumas of many non-white communities because those traumas have never been a part of our lives. We can only understand them intellectually through the eyes of one who lived them. Until we honestly listen to people injured and traumatize, act with real national commitment and resources adequate to address these issues, we will not be a great country, particularly for a lot of minority families and individuals.

Agitators of one sort or another were blamed for slaves wanting freedom, workers wanting a union, blacks wanting to eat at the counter, and present minorities wanting fairness and respect. This is using blaming and rhetoric as a tool to do nothing.

Can we learn?


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