On the brink of a new Civil War?

This presidential election, the one issue that will be the deciding factor on who I vote for will be who is the best candidate most qualified to unite the country. The reason being follows: Recently, at a protest in Atlanta, some Black protesters brought some high-powered firearms with them. Basically, they were making a point that if the right-wing conservatives can openly carry such weaponry and use the right of the Second Amendment as their defense in doing so, they have the right to do the same. All it takes is for one shot to be fired, and please pardon my bluntness, but all hell will break loose.

Our country has never been more divided since the Civil War. One does not need a PhD in the social sciences to realize we are on the cusp of being torn apart as a nation. I never thought I would experience a Pearl Harbor-type attack on our country, but did with the 9/11 attack. I also thought I would never see a 1918-type flu pandemic, but now have with the coronavirus. Another Civil War-type crisis is not something I wish to see in my lifetime.

For the record, the only way I would consider taking another human life would be in a war or self-defense situation. That is an experience I can well do without.


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