Respect police for the work they do

The police deserve respect unless they use the laws to frame, injure or kill the innocent or helpless. We should be thankful for their commitment in the face of many dangers that could take their lives in a flash. We should pray for their safety. They are the front line against anarchy. They deserve the highest honor and respect, unless they think they are above the law they swore to uphold.

The contrast between a good cop and bad cop has become perilously obvious. If you analyze a thing as positive, neutral or negative, you can understand that any action that contradicts the positive, concerning constitutional rights, is never neutral. And, the morality of man is instantly put into jeopardy when those rights are violated. The ideals that formed our Constitution were not originated in the minds of men. The precepts that uphold our freedom in this great country were written thousands of years ago at the direction of almighty God.

A free society cannot exist under anarchy any more than it can under tyranny. One bad cop making a terrible, criminal decision is not a good reason to violate one another’s constitutional rights in fits of rage. The innocent police have rights, too. Equal justice means prosecuting the guilty for what they did to the innocent and has nothing to do with race or social status. Do not allow the extremists to make more out of a sad and evil incident than what it really is, because Reality Matters.


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