‘This should be the norm’

Recently, during the Louisville, Kentucky, protests, a white police officer, Galen Hinshaw, found himself isolated among the protesters who were becoming hostile. It became a very dangerous situation, as the officer admitted that he would not have been able to defend himself without getting injured, considering how he was outnumbered. He backed himself up against a wall as the protesters came closer. Then, the unexpected happened — five men, three of them black, one white, and one Dominican — locked arms and stood in front of the officer, facing the crowd and protecting him from harm. Officer Hinshaw stated, “I’ve cried over that incident. Those guys, they saved me. There’s no doubt about it. And I am beyond thankful.”

Ricky McClellan, one of the five, said, “A human was in trouble, and right is right.” Another of the five, Julian De La Cruz, stated, “If I can hold my brothers accountable, if I can march with my brothers and turn against them to say, ‘This isn’t right,’ that’s where the accountability comes in.” He added, “This should be the norm.”

Norman Rockwell, the artist, painted pictures of what he saw and also of the way he would like things to be. The police officer and the five men together in Louisville is an example of both.


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