Time to unite against violence

I can’t stay silent any longer. Our country appears to be self-destructing before my eyes. This no longer is a Republican vs. Democrat fight. We are now in the midst of watching our history, good and bad, being eradicated from our great land. America is on the verge of becoming a lawless country filled with hate and violence. The issue now is what type of nation do we want it to be? Those advocating violence at the expense of our history want anarchy. Why oh why are we allowing this? When will we as law-abiding citizens stand up for our nation? Many have died defending our freedoms and it’s a travesty to watch our country literally burned to the ground.

Our Constitution affords us freedom of speech, not rioting, looting and deadly violence. I no longer can watch TV news or read an article because it is so biased and slanted that we never get the real story. There are days when I just want to scream! When will the majority of citizens, black, white, yellow, brown, purple stand together, rally around our country and firmly state, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!” I, for one, am willing to march up and down Stephenson Avenue with a homemade sign pledging to uphold our country’s Constitution and values. What have you heard out of our elected officials, Democrat and Republican? NOTHING. Typical dead silence or rhetoric. These slimy dirtbags have no backbone and are only concerned with saving their own skin.

Our veterans, past and present, first responders and law enforcement, civic groups, churches, youth, adults, seniors — all those who value their freedoms –need to band together and hold our own rally. No protesting or violence, just a strong, united front willing to show allegiance to our flag and the greatest country on earth.

We must protect our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren from the throes of a socialist/Marxist/communist takeover of everything we hold dear.

These anarchists are coming for us; it’s just a matter of when. Am I alone in this battle? I hope not!


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