Virus doesn’t care about your freedom


I have to make a comment or two about the mask thing. The doctors tell us that if we use them in any kind of public contact indoors or out, we will make a big difference in stopping the spread of this virus.

Science in general tells us to wash our hands a lot, avoid touching our faces and, yes, wear the mask. The people who tell us this are the people of science and are educated in their various fields.

Now we also have some people with an opinion talking about not wearing the masks and in fact doing nothing other than our normal lives. It is all about your personal freedom according to them.

But this virus does not care about your freedom. It does not care about anything beside spreading. It does that by infecting us and killing some of us.

It is not the common cold and it is not the flu. Nothing like either of those. But you actually have heard that and you can decide if you believe the people of science and medicine or the person on the radio.

The virus does not care what you do, but if you do the wrong thing, you will become infected. And then you are in for a very rough time.

At that point, what will you do? Will you call a doctor? Will you seek medical aid? Or will you turn on the radio and decide that the fact you cannot breathe is a hoax?

You get to decide. It is your freedom, right?

Somehow I think you will be running for the hospital rather than sitting around your radio. But as I said, you decide. I hope you make the right choice.

Donald A. Lison

Florence, Wis.


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