With freedom, responsibility

We’ve heard it before — with freedom comes responsibility.

We have freedom of speech, but it’s a crime to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theatre when there is no fire. We have freedom to drive a car when we’re old enough, but we must have a license, proper registration, insurance, wear seat belts and not be intoxicated to be a legal driver. It is illegal to park in a handicapped space without a permit. These freedoms are sometimes limited not only to protect ourselves but just as importantly to help and protect others.

Let’s get to the main issue affecting all of us right now — COVID-19 has compromised many of our freedoms.

Let’s face facts. Testing by itself is not the answer. You can be tested one day, be exposed and a carrier the next day and get negative results a week later. The coast will be more clear when a vaccine is approved and we can then find something closer to normalcy in our world.

If your choice is to take unnecessary risks because you are not concerned about your own health and welfare, let’s at least show compassion for others who may be at risk.

Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? For now, face masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing are the best defenses for this nasty invader.

Let’s continue to exercise caution plus patience with and for our fellow human beings. This, too, shall pass as we go through this together.

Always remember — with freedom comes responsibility.


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