Best to drop off absentee ballots

Heavy, heavy pressure out there against mailed ballots. Mr. Trump insists that absentee voting is good, mail-in voting is bad. Clearly, this is a distinction without a difference. In Michigan, anyone who wishes may request an absentee ballot — no excuse, no reason necessary. The clerk will compare the signature on the ballot request to the signature on your voter registration. Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Hawaii have all gone to mail-in ballots. Four of those have been at it for several years, and have experienced NO increase in fraud. You may mail your ballot or hand-carry it to the city or township office. At any hour, you may place your ballot into the drop box. This may be the wise move, since we see the postal service struggling to handle the volume of mail. (They’ve now been forbidden to work overtime and must often sort mail by hand.) Having dropped your ballot, you may track your ballot at mivotes.com or by calling 1-833-MIVOTES for your peace of mind.

This White House has repeatedly claimed that Mr. Trump simply cannot be expected to fly to Florida to vote. So it’s OK for him to vote absentee, you see. But in fact, early in-person voting in the Florida primary was open when he was golfing in Palm Beach in March. Indeed, one of the early voting sites was a library right across from his Palm Beach golf resort. It appears to be one more example of him laying claim to rights and privileges “for he but not for thee.”


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