Fear of virus used for control

Imagine government telling you, in order to protect you from getting a deadly virus, they want to separate people according to age, color, sex or religion and they would need to keep like-kinds in their own fortressed areas to keep others from reaching you. In a greater effort to make sure you were safe, they show up one day and string razor wire around the facility to make sure nobody could get to you while the government is taking care of you. They tell you everything is going to be alright if you cooperate with caretakers. Soon you will be moved to a safe region where everything has been sterilized for you and your family. They will move you by trains and buses.

Except that the propaganda used by the Nazis was fear of Russia, instead of fear of virus. This is almost exactly what Hitler did when he shipped millions of Jewish people and other deplorables to 1,100 death camps, where they were tortured and murdered. All the while lying to the German people about everything.

Fear of virus is now being used to destroy our economy and our election process. The left wants the same thing the Nazis did … total control. Many have been taught the lie that socialism is great. They will say things like, “Social Security is a socialist program” — and it is, but it has been corrupted and is always on the verge of collapse. Do we want our whole country like that? Get a job.


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