Trust facts, not politicians, when it comes to virus

I’m an engineer, project manager, general manager and senior executive and I have utilized facts and data to make informed decisions to increase the productivity, results and profits for the companies that I have worked for. What I am not is a scientist, although I have extensive education in the sciences. Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. If a “novel” virus shows up on earth, science loses one of its most important legs (structure) of a three-legged stool and the stool falls over. Without structure, all that scientists can do is observe and experiment, which is what they have been doing. Our politicians should not make radical decisions, as they have, based upon experimentation. A much better route is to trust the facts and the data.

As for facts and data, in Wisconsin, the Republican Legislature and Supreme Court overruled the Democrat governor’s shutdown in mid-May. What happened? The state improved greatly in its prevention of deaths compared with other states. On Aug. 1, the governor imposed a “mask mandate.” What happened? New cases in Wisconsin have increased steadily. Without the historical structure of science, I trust facts, data and Cheeseheads over politicians and self-proclaimed scientific experts.

Here is the truth — our scientists have been observing, experimenting and changing their views weekly. The bottom line is that 2020 will most likely end up with less deaths per capita than other years without the Wuhan virus.

Do not trust entrenched politicians — trust fellow Americans, become informed and, most of all, strive for freedom and oppose any government, local, state or federal, that wants to take away any more of your freedoms.


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