Country needs strong foundation

President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you …” and everybody listened. Why? Because they were scared to death of a nuclear confrontation with Russia, and Russia was building an arsenal in Cuba. What’s more, John F. Kennedy was right, and his statement was incredibly wise. Your country is the very foundation you build your life from, not to mention the life of your children and your children’s children.

A weak foundation will not stand the test of time and lawless chaos will erode the wisdom of the foundation of our constitution. This nation was built on strong Christian values, even though it took 80 years for “all men are created equal” to begin to soak into the conscience of the citizens. It was not God’s fault, nor was it the fault of the founding fathers; it was the fault of the collective mindset of the citizenry of the time. Then, not now.

We did not break free from England so we could keep the same tyrannical traditions that drag people down to the point of death and poverty, nor to the point of barbaric chaos like we see in the streets of our once-great cities. The middle ground is still there, and we need to get our country back in that space before we lose our free Republic. Look back and see the future. The further you can see behind you, the clearer the road ahead. The true history of man is in the Bible. Read it and you will be blessed.


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