The nation is at a crossroads

Can this nation survive as a people united in a brotherhood of humanity?

I believe we are at a crossroads. We have had almost four years of leadership focused on blind loyalty to President Donald Trump, the enrichment of the wealthy at the cost of the less well-off, stoking the divisions of race, ethnicity and residency, and the propaganda of fear. This was the country of 1863 in my mind. This what Trump Republicans seem to be supporting outwardly or in their silence through conformity. For example, where were they when children were put in overcrowded cages, Democratic areas are seen to be expendable to disease and Democrats are accused of wanting to destroy the nation.

How can this be the future goals embodied in the hopes and purpose of the founding of this nation? How is this the expression of the Christian ideals of love your neighbor and value each individual? How does this prevent the constant danger of governments drifting toward authoritarian leaders and large-scale corruption? How does this promote safety and tolerance in the nation? In this election, where is the John McCain moments of decency?

I believe Joe Biden’s message is the most inclusive and is focused on mending a nation being torn apart.


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