A final thought before voting Tuesday

The presidential election is Tuesday. The issues facing our nation are wide-reaching. Setting the candidates themselves aside, we are left with their policies. Policies matter, feelings do not. What are some of these policies and the viewpoints of each candidate?

Globalism. One candidate, Donald Trump, believes in nationalism. Making things here in the U.S. by people employed here in the U.S. The other candidate, who helped to pass NAFTA which enabled the outsourcing of millions of factory jobs at an unprecedented rate and helped to destroy whole communities, now wants things made here in the U.S.

Regulations and taxes. One candidate, Donald Trump, cut income and corporate tax rates, helping to employ more Americans. Many of these jobs offered higher pay since employers had to fight to find employees in a competitive job market. The other candidate wants to increase income taxes and corporate tax rates. He wants to continue to outsource jobs, driving wages down for the middle class.

Safety and security. One candidate, Donald Trump, is supported by most law enforcement throughout the country. He doesn’t believe in mob rule of destroying statues or burning down businesses when a tragic shooting happens. The other candidate has his hands tied, since these protesters are his voting block. He has to be careful not to alienate them.

Climate change. Both candidates believe man helps to increase carbon dioxide but have different ways of approaching how to solve the problem. Do we force complete energy industries and their communities to die in the name of solving a complicated and multi-variable problem?

Non-interventionism vs. interventionism. One candidate, Donald Trump, has not sent American troops into conflict in another country. The military industrial complex resents him because of this. Unfortunately, military spending is still at an all-time high. The other candidate would see more of the same interventionism overseas — more military contractors enriching themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Health care. Donald Trump would like to see the private sector deal with rising health care costs. The other candidate would like to expand the federal government’s role.

I don’t see how a man in politics for 47 years is now going to help solve these problems. NAFTA has helped to destroy this region economically with the closing of paper mills and the flooding of cheap paper products from abroad. The American people must continue to push back against these politicians who don’t have middle-class interests in mind. These politicians believe the average American voter is just a useless eater who will believe what they and the media tells them. Let’s vote and prove them wrong.


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