Around the campfire

Guest column


The intense heat and light generated welcome warmth to all who gathered around it. Talk and levity, among other topics, were the center of the evening. Intermingled within the conversations were future plans for the group. What binds these individuals who gather together is not only friendship, but fellowship as well.

Fellowship can come in many guises, but the center of its essence is on shared values, interests, activities, and experiences. These can be reflected in such examples as spiritual gatherings, campfires and dinners, among others.

These fellowships are the threads that bind the fragile fabric of life together. By that, I mean that the addition of nonjudgmental, mutual support intertwined with caring empathy, enriches our lives and gives us purpose.

For myself, I am especially grateful for the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a multitude of fellowship groups. Whether we gather once a week, month, or year, it always adds something positive to my life, and it seems like we pick up just where we previously left off.

So, in these trying times, let us not forget our humanity, by also utilizing alternative avenues for fellowship, such as social media, video conferencing, cellphones, and texting, just to name a few. However, if you so choose to meet in person, please follow the recommended social distancing guidelines, including wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizers.

In closing, people need people. Let us keep being vigilant so that all are safe.


Daniel J. Paul is a retired school administrator. His articles focus on education, old-fashioned family values, relationships, and other topics. Go to his website at meaningfuldifferences.net.


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