Election about the destiny of America

Let’s set the facts straight. First, going back many years, it was the white Southern gentlemen, Democrats, who invented slavery. They worked in the white plantations and made them rich. They were the first “racists”! Then it took the Civil War and a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, to “free” the slaves. The Democrats today are the first to cry “racist” to the Republicans for everything.

Second, the Democrats want to wait until after the election — they think they can win — to put another Justice in the Supreme Court. They, of course, want a “liberal” to uphold abortion. The Democrats are the party of murder — you do remember the Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill?” Abortion is just that, murder.

And this is America? Satan rules this country, more and more every day. My feeling is this: Unless a person appointed to the Supreme Court is not a Bible-believing Christian, that person has no right making any rulings on anything.

Third, Supreme Court judges are not to be biased in any direction, they are there to make judgements on the law and the Constitution, not what any political party wants to push as their agenda, good or bad.

This election is about the destiny of America. You better look at what the Democrats want to bring to America if elected. They want socialism and it does not work, anywhere in the world. They want to keep ObamaCare. I worked for and pay for my insurance, I will lose my insurance.

Then how about the “Green New Deal”? Doing away with fossil fuel by 2035? Really, no more gasoline cars, trucks, airplanes, all at a cost of $20 trillion. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her minions will destroy America, do away with the Constitution, also; they say it is outdated. They want to destroy all our monuments and history as a country.


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