We need to unite, not be divided

In northern Wisconsin, folks traditionally identified either Republican or Democrat, choosing candidates based on strengths, character, actions and trustworthiness. Years ago, partisanship did not destroy relationships, mutual respect, need for safety, security and the spirit of cooperation.

Now? Largely due to a new divisive brand of leadership, extreme partisanship threatens us.

We have never been more threatened from divisiveness, as evidenced in blatant disregard for science during a pandemic, devotion to white supremacy, intolerance, denial of climate change, anger over economic strain, health care disparities and an unrelenting blame game evidenced daily.

Misinformation, especially generated daily from our current president, is a major trigger in fueling these threats, with terrible consequences.

This new brand of Republican party under the Trump administration is dismantling our sense of US. We need a uniter, compromiser, negotiator, a respectful leader as POTUS. We need to return to common core values, a true system of checks and balances.

As a fifth-generation resident of Upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin, I was raised to be proud of our resilient, hard-working people, the great outdoors, our common respect of the land, water and love of community.

We must embrace an undeniable fact: We need to make room for the full spectrum of people that make up our country now. America is changed and it will be forever changed. Let’s use that resiliency and grit to accept this. Allow representation of all of us. I am ready for change. I am ready for unity.


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