Government that does not serve us

Totalitarian regimes all have bureaus that intimidate and abuse citizens who oppose the views and activities of the party in power. Nazis had the SS, Russia the KGB and the Democrats have the FBI and the CIA. Notice I did not say America but Democrats. This is where the great divide in our country begins and unfortunately ends. It has been growing like a callus on the working man’s hand. Very subtle. Over time it gets harder and harder until you can no longer feel anything.

The FBI was created to fight crime in America and in the days of Al Capone, Elliot Ness and other federal officials became the heroes of our country, fighting bloody battles with the mobs that ruled the cities. The CIA was always a clandestine outfit that was primarily used to protect us against foreign interference from our enemies, which they did very well for a long time. But now these government entities are being used against the citizens for political reasons.

People who have been inducted into government jobs no longer work for the people.They are part of the ruling party. They are entrenched into a system that protects them from accountability and, quite frankly, they cannot even be fired. There is no union job that holds the same amount of security or benefits as what is afforded government workers. These are the people who ultimately rule. If you try to remind them about “of the people, for the people and by the people,” they say they don’t work for you, they work for the government. It is a complete reversal of what was intended by the founders of American government. And now they help to manipulate elections to make sure their party will never lose the power to control you. So now your vote doesn’t count, “the party” will manufacture enough votes to outnumber you. So, shut up and jump. Don’t you dare ask any questions about the parachute.


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