Think about the consequences

I am going to be 76 years old about the time you read this. I have a lung condition related to my military service. If you see me at all, I will have a mask on. You see, I am a scientist and I believe what other people of science tell me about staying alive. But I understand that you want your freedom. No mask. Taverns and restaurants. Time with friends. Partying. Enjoying life.

That leads me to a question — how free will you be when you are in one of those cubicles in State Fair Park in the emergency COVID-19 hospital or some other hospital? (If you can get into one.) How free will you be when you cannot get up because of the tubes and other medical paraphernalia attached to your body? How free will you be when your only thought is “Dear God, give me one more breath”?

Think about it. If you do the right thing now, you will have your freedom as soon as there is a vaccine. I want to be in that group. What other group is there? You already know that don’t you? In your heart you know.

Think about it. Do the right thing. You only matter if you are here. Put on your mask. Talk to your friends electronically. Do what the doctors tell you is best. This is not politics. This is your only life. Think about it.


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