Bible can provide answers for times

I just read Suzanne Killian’s Senior News/Lifestyles column in Saturday’s edition of The Daily News. Wow! She pretty much covered it all. She wrote about finding gratitude in the midst of a chaotic year. The pandemic, of course, was mentioned, along with most of its accompanying losses, the historical presidential election, climate change and the ongoing racial tension in America. She wrote how our culture has not been the same since the invasion of this virus. But she balances it out with lots of lessons learned through it all. She brings a lot of truth to light.

However, there is no mention at all of people being thankful to God, the supreme being who oversees every aspect of our lives as his creation. Why is life like this at this time? Answers in the Bible. Plus we can find true hope in the midst of all these trying circumstances.

Explore the Bible for your enlightenment and hope in this day of chaos, sickness and uncertainty. It says in Matthew 24:37 that Jesus will come back for his children. And it says, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall His coming be.” You see, no one believed Noah when he was building the Ark. But soon, it began to rain. Too late!

For the past 43 years, my heart swells with gratitude to God for my own personal (promised) salvation. I made a simple commitment to God. I had never turned the page in a Bible at the time. But that’s where it’s all at. And that’s where it all began for me.


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