Election results made sense

There were rumors swirling before the election that the voting machines in Michigan were rigged for Joe Biden. I know of someone locally who intentionally tested this baseless theory and tried to vote twice on one sheet for Joe Biden by checking the Democratic Box, meaning all Democrats on the sheet would get a vote, and then by checking Joe Biden’s box also. The sheet was kicked back out by the machine and not accepted. The person had to get a new sheet and vote again.

I was just curious how many citizens know that after the 2016 election, in which Trump lost the popular vote, the president put forward a commission to investigate voter fraud. The president’s own commission found no fraud whatsoever. Considering this past election, where Trump turned basically no one from the opposing party in his favor, and many people who had supported Trump in 2016, including myself, voted for President-elect Biden, the results of the election make perfect sense in its outcome. Again, it comes down to common sense.

The reason I voted for President-elect Biden is because a president has to be a president for all citizens, not just those who support him. As Lincoln stated, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We would all be well served to memorize such words.


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