Fraud behind election results

I respectfully disagree with the comments made by Jerry Rahoi in his letter to the editor in Monday’s issue of the Daily News, in which he said the “results of the election make perfect sense.” Although I am sure that Mr. Rahoi believes what he is saying is true, how do we explain away the 68% error rate reportedly found in the Dominion voting machines analyzed by the cyberforensics experts in Antrim County? The acceptable error rate is supposed to be 1 in 125,000, or .0008%, which is set by federal election standards. I don’t see the perfect sense in that.

There are another 48 counties in Michigan that used the Dominion voting machines, not to mention the thousands of other counties across the country that used them. I do agree the results make perfect sense if you consider the sworn affidavits that claimed hundreds of thousands of votes were smuggled into the Wayne County election counting room and counted without oversight of BOTH parties.

What actually makes sense is that the election was rigged. And that the media is helping the Democratic National Committee cover it up by censoring truth tellers and misleading uninformed citizens.


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