Public needs virus relief now

This is the third time I have written about the pandemic. On March 30, I stated we were at war with an invisible enemy and what easy basic things we could do to lessen the spread. On Oct. 28, I researched and shared ideas from mental health professionals on what we could do to keep us from becoming complacent while fostering our mental health.

Since that last article we have reached 266,000 deaths nationwide. I have no doubt that we will reach 300,000 before Christmas. After reading the four pages of obituaries in Saturday’s Daily News I am beyond angry at the selfishness of our society. It is estimated that 4.9 million people flew home to family over the Thanksgiving holiday. How many more traveled by car to join family and friends to share turkey dinner with a side of COVID? Hats off to the millions of people who used what I call selfless judgment by staying at home and Zooming with family. To me it shows patriotism, benevolence, intelligence and a willingness to make a small sacrifice for the greater good.

Without help from our federal government NOW, there will be more deaths more homelessness, more hunger and despair. I urge you all to call both state Sen. Ed McBroom and state Rep. Beau LaFave and strongly urge them to stop wasting time trying to impeach our governor and work until they can secure some relief for the people in their district.

Call U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman and insist he work solely on getting relief to the people of his district while reaching across the aisle. Call U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters and get them to pressure their Republican colleagues to get back in session and hound Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass a relief bill to save small businesses and those in great need before Christmas.

This is no time for partisan politics. We are literally fighting for our lives.

Now, when I have to go out and I see YOU without an acceptable face covering, I won’t verbally confront you — especially after what happened to the young woman who was maced after asking a hotel patron to don his mask. However, I will stare you down, give you the “I’m watching you” sign and turn away, shaking my head. If I enter a local store and the owner and employees are wearing their masks correctly, I will thank them for trying to keep me safe. However, if I walk into your store and you and your employees are not wearing a mask, I will walk out, but not until I tell you that I will not shop there again. I will let my friends know which stores or restaurants are not willing to protect us and which are. So, if you want us to shop locally, please show us that you care about our safety.

Many are suffering with COVID-19, too many of our friends and neighbors have lost loved ones, many will be without family at Christmas time, and too many will be hungry or cold. Now is the time to donate to our local food banks and the organizations that help residents with food, rent and heat. If you have it, SHARE IT.

Bob Dylan wrote, “How many deaths will it take ’til he knows that too many people have died? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.” The answer is NOT blowing in the wind, the virus is. The answer, my friend, is found in each of us and how and what we are willing to do to help to stop this. Stay at home — and wear the damn mask!


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