To GOP: The election is over

One last attempt — probably futile — to bring Republicans to their senses. The election is over, even though your leader refuses to accept it and, like sheep, you blindly follow and you keep sending him money that will end up in his pocket.

After countless years of being denied the right to vote, people of color are no longer going to be denied. It reminds me of the old story: A black man in Georgia goes to vote. Before he is allowed to vote, he is handed a Chinese newspaper and told to read what the paper says. Realizing the ploy, he replies, “It says no black man will be allowed to vote in Georgia today.”

Well, guess what — people of color have learned to read Chinese, so to speak, and are voting.

To think that only 27 Republicans in Congress had the courage before the Electoral College results to accept the voices of 80 million people is appalling. I thought their loyalty was to the people of the United States, not to a con artist sitting in the White House or out playing golf.

When you have to resort to threatening violence to duly elected office holders or someone just doing a job, maybe your right to vote should be taken away. That’s what I call a felony.


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