Bergman wrong backing Trump

Sorry to see that U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District will miss out on being included in the second printing of “Profiles in Courage.”

Bergman couldn’t find the courage to join the 10 Republicans who called for Trump’s impeachment. It would seem that the taking of the Capitol, the interference with the Constitutional counting of the Electoral College votes, and the blood of Capitol Police officers wounded and killed as a direct result of Donald Trump’s urging the mobs to go to the Capitol would be enough. But not for Jack, who cowed in his right-wing corner and again bowed to Donald Trump and his enablers. Bergman voted to deny the free and fair Electoral College votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania. He signed his support to the attorney general of Texas’ effort to deny Michigan’s vote. By doing so he gave support to Trump’s “big lie” about the election’s fairness. He aided and abetted the rioters and Trump mobsters who stormed the Capitol to thwart Congress from doing its duty under the U.S. Constitution. So for Bergman to clutch his pearls and be aghast at the violence takes gall when his vote against the impeachment gave permission for Trump’s sedition.

What Bergman should do is have the courage to resign. But with Jack Bergman, don’t expect any “Profiles in Courage.”


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