Backs Florence school millage

I’ll vote “yes” on the school referendum question on the April 6, 2021 ballot. Interestingly, even with a “yes” vote and passage of the referendum, the millage rate for the school’s share of my property taxes will not increase over the next three years! In 2024, the fourth year of the referendum, the mill rate will still only increase to the level it was in 2019.

Even if my taxes did increase, the most important asset we have as humans is our children. Seeing they have a free and appropriate education — regardless of income, social status, religion, race or disability — sets us in the top tier of educational systems globally.

The Florence County School is the foundation of our community. Even if you don’t have children who attend it, your police officers, grocery clerks, waiters, cooks, road and utility crews, volunteer firefighters and emergency medical crew do. We support our school to support the people we need to keep Florence on the map, to make sure our homes and property maintain their value.

Florence public schools provide an opportunity to excel. The teachers, from elementary to high school, from art, band, English and history to business, choir, fab lab, math, physical education, science and Spanish, devote their lives to educating other people’s children. I’m proud and honored to have the chance to give back to my community by saying “yes” to support our school.


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