Helping rather than criticizing

A few years ago, a former classmate of mine told me about another classmate that had a couple nervous breakdowns. The person stated that he/she needs to get their “bleep” together. Later that day, it occurred to me that instead of the classmate chastising the person, would not it be a better idea to try and reach out and see if one could help? I don’t think the breakdowns were a goal of his/her or something that was wished for in life. I do practice what I preach, by the way — I did reach out to the person.

So, the next time you hear of a person struggling in life with the before-mentioned problem, or a couple going through a divorce, maybe a person who slipped and got a DUI — do that person a favor and reach out and see if you can help. You’ll also be doing yourself a favor. I guarantee you will not regret how you feel after reaching out to help. Thank you.


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