Norway native touts Enbridge

As a native of Norway and a graduate of Michigan Technological University, the U.P. will always be “home.” I agree we need to be proactive in looking toward the future to embrace energy alternatives. Unfortunately, these alternatives simply to do not currently exist at the scale that our modern society demands. It will take time.

I have worked for Enbridge for over 18 years and am privileged to work with an incredible team that safely and efficiently delivers the current forms of energy that Michigan needs and demands.

Enbridge’s Line 5 represents Pure Michigan at its finest, learning from the past and working toward the future.

Fact: Line 5 is vital to Michigan and the surrounding states, which the most recent arctic blast reinforced. Line 5 continued not only to provide the propane to heat homes and businesses in Michigan, but in many cases, other nearby states that faced critical propane shortages.

Fact: For more than 65 years, Michigan residents, hospitals, schools, and businesses have relied on Line 5. It transports safely natural gas liquids, including propane, as well as the light crude oil that Michigan and the surrounding region depends on.

Fact: The light crude oil is essential to making the transportation fuel for our vehicles, planes and trucks that deliver groceries and goods every day. It also helps in the manufacture of more than 6,000 other products, including coats, boots, hand sanitizer, face masks, medicines — even the solar panels and wind turbines at the heart of renewable energy.

Fact: Michigan has one refinery that only satisfies 1/3 of its daily petroleum needs. The remaining petroleum is refined in neighboring states and then brought back to Michigan for consumption. Line 5 is an essential pipeline to the entire region providing this needed fuel.

Fact: Line 5 has passed recent audits by the Federal agency that has authority over Line 5’s safe operations. In addition, the segment within the Straits of Mackinac is the most tested and monitored piece of pipeline in the more than 50,000 miles of pipeline that we operate in North America.

Fact: The essential role Line 5 has in Michigan is why Enbridge is investing more than $500 million to construct the Great Lakes Tunnel to house a replacement section of Line 5 that will make a safe pipeline even safer.

I will always be a Yooper, and equally proud to be employed by Enbridge. Facts matter.


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