Stimulus will boost economy

It is Saturday morning as I write this and I had to “share.”

I heard the minority leader of the Senate say that the stimulus package that just passed will have NO effect on our economy whatsoever. Who in the world gave him the power to suspend our entire form of economy and, further, ALL the laws of arithmetic? We have a consumer-driven economy that I have explained in the past in detail, as has my wife in her letters. We will not make you sit through that again. However, I do have to point out that if you put money in at the bottom of our economy, the economy grows. It is that simple. Think about this. Most of you just got a stimulus check of amounts varying by the number of people in your household. It is a stimulus check. It is not a “bail out’ or any other titled thing. The point is that you should spend it. Put it to work at the bottom of our economy and the economy grows. It really is as simple as that. Use it for anything. As long as you use it, it will make the economy rebound.

Now, keep in mind the minority leader represents an entire and complete group that voted against your getting this money and against all the other features of the bill that is designed to help our economy recover and grow. That is going to happen if you spend the money they send you. That’s a good one, huh? I sneaked a bit of humor into this. IF you are going to spend it! Ha! Who am I kidding, right? Most of you will spend it and it does not matter on what. That will make the economy grow. Just watch. It will happen before your eyes. Even Wall Street knows this. That will be a good thing.

Now the minority leader knows this as well. So he is covering his — um, let’s go with “interests.” It is a family paper. In any case, once this works, once you are doing better, once you are happier and once you realize none of the awful things the minority leader has talked about have come to pass, you will wonder why you should vote for this minority party that wanted you to keep stumbling along that way you have been since this COVID thing gave us a good kick in a bad place.

And that scares the minority leader and his minions. As is should. In less than two years we vote for Congressional representatives again. When the happens, remember this letter. Remember what I said here today. Maybe you will rethink that vote. I guess it depends on how much you enjoyed this little “gift” from America to America. And how much you are going to be enjoying the stronger economy and how it is working for you.

By the way, I will remind you again what I said here, so you don’t have to tape this to the refrigerator.


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