Morality and right vs. choice

What is a right vs a choice? A right is defined as “qualities (as adherence to duty or obedience to lawful authority) that together constitute the ideal of moral propriety or merit moral approval.” An important part of a right is its morality. Morality means to me behavior and choices that do not harm or by inaction help create the conditions or the potential of physical or mental harm. Based on this, I can make and act upon moral and immoral choices and rationalize either.

The question now is refusing the vaccine that has been tested and proven effective and safe by the administration of millions of doses and multiple medically recognized trials an immoral act. If I use the definition of what a “right” is, then taking the vaccine to save lives and prevent illness is a right and a moral act. This makes refusing the vaccine or being anti-vaccine an immoral act. It also makes it an ungodly act in my sense of morality.

The argument that I can have any opinion I choose to have is correct, but I do not morally have the right for the welfare of my neighbors and the country as a whole to act on an immoral opinion. Therefore, choosing to be unvaccinated if you safely can is not an American right, it is an immoral American choice.


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