New district maps would split county

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission has sliced Dickinson County into two legislative districts. Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Sagola and Breitung Townships are now assigned to the 110th Michigan House District; the City of Norway, and Norway, Waucedah, Breen, Felch and West Branch townships are now assigned to the 109th Michigan House District! The county now is in the 108th Michigan House District.

We believe that Dickinson County should not be arbitrarily split to accommodate “population equity” among the U.P. Districts.

This split will add more work for our county clerk; increase the costs for elections in Dickinson County, with two ballots for House primaries and races; create confusion for our residents; and negatively impact our parties’ Precinct Delegates.

We are united in strongly opposing this Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission’s decision. We encourage Dickinson County residents to state their opposition to this plan by posting their comments at: https://www.michigan-mapping.org/.


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