Time to let ‘sun shine through’

Here we are in 2023, with some of us STILL hating each other for the color of the skin we happen to be born in or for the religion we happen to follow or the place our ancestors or ourselves may have come from. And still hating each other for myriad other reasons that, if we are asked, we cannot even give an answer to that makes any actual sense.

That is pretty sad. And it is pretty stupid.

That, incidentally, is not how America is supposed to work and it is not how America does work for about 70% of the people. And even among the 70%, we passively sit by while a bunch of do-nothings in the House in Washington D.C. collect pay from us and give nothing in return. Or maybe what they do is foment a regression to a past that should be forgotten and regretted.

The sun is out physically as I write this. Perhaps it is time that some of us let the “sun shine through” our thinking and we save the America that was envisioned over 200 years ago, but an America we still have not fully seen so far.

The job our forefathers started is not finished, but there is no reason we cannot do that job. Unless we decide to remain sad. And stupid.

God bless America and God bless those who are trying to finish the job.


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