True story about school bus rides

Just a little about the rides from Faithorn to the Norway school, about 1955 to 1960.

Faithorn, being at the far end of Menominee County, the plows and sanders very seldom got the roads open ahead of the school bus runs. Most of us kids had long driveways, 200 feet or so. Because of this, we had to walk out and wait for the bus — not knowing just when it would come — otherwise it kept going.

With the strong wind blowing snow, sleet and sometimes half rain, we would be frozen long before the Red, White and Blue bus came.

Now the heater (if you can call it that) was just wonderful. If you could have sat on it you might start to thaw out as the bus got to the school. Inside the bus each window had a thick layer of frost on it, so it was a white-out inside the bus.

Well, the seats were something else. Because the bus was so cold on the inside, the seats were real stiff. It was like sitting on a block of ice — good for your guts?

Oh yes, your feet. You had to look down to see if you still had them because they were froze and you could not feel them. Also, sometimes your nose, eyelids and eyebrows were frosty due to the fresh air coming into the bus. Nice.

That was during the good old days.


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