Failure to act on border solution

Can one be on both sides of the same issue?

I ask this because it appears to me that being for a Southern border solution and then claiming you are against one that was, as U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said, the best they could hope for even under a Trump administration is not caring much for solving the problem.

This was the behavior of the large majority of the Republican Party in Congress at the direction of Donald Trump.

The border bill was a very conservative bill containing substantial increases in border officers, substantial increases in staff to process applicants within 6 months as opposed to years, upgrading in border technology, firm limits on the numbers admitted for processing to prevent the system from being overloaded, significantly increased drug detection capabilities, and those admitted for a further hearing the ability to work — a request cities both north and south made to relieve financial pressure on city budgets.

This had the support of the border control officers, Chamber of Commerce organizations and civil organizations serving along the border.

This was not perfect or probably a final answer but would have brought some order, probably saved lives, and reduced the drug flow that mainly comes through commercial trucks crossing the border.

When any party wants their perfect solution, they can effectively claim to be on both sides — complaining how critical the problem is and wanting a solution, but any solution offered is fatally flawed (unacceptable).

This is the action of the Republican Party today and Donald Trump. This is not the action of President Biden and the Democrats.


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