Concerned about levels of PFAS

We all deal with trying to buy foods that are not full of harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides to stay healthy. The large corporations don’t seem to care about the types of chemicals they use on products.

Thousands of these chemicals are contained in PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), forever chemicals that do not break down and so far there is no way to completely clean up the water or land they pollute.

It is estimated that 97% of all people in the US already have PFAS in their bodies. It is harmful at certain levels and can cause cancer and other health problems.

PFAS are already widespread in the United States, including in Wisconsin. Areas identified include Stella, Marinette, Madison, Wausau, and the town of Campbell on French Island.

Look up these areas and the level of contamination.

Farmers putting sludge and bio-solids on their land need to be sure that it does not contain PFAS.

Contact your representatives and let them know these chemicals need to be banned and corporations should be held accountable.

If the widespread use of PFAS continue, there won’t be any safe water to drink or safe land to grow crops on.

The EPA has now set new limits for PFAS in the drinking water, but what good will it do if it is still being put in everything?


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